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Turkish Delight Mixed From Hafez Mustafa Red Box

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Details of Turkish Delight (Helva) Product:


Turkish Delight, a traditional sweet, is distinguished by its soft texture and delightful flavor.


This sweet is made from simple ingredients, with additional components unique to Hafiz Mustafa 1864.


The Turkish Delight is prepared by fermenting the main ingredients together and shaping them into small pieces.


Various flavors such as pistachio, almond, and fruits contribute to its diverse appearance and taste.


Crafted by confectionery experts, Turkish Delight offers a unique and delicious sweet experience.


The careful packaging of Turkish Delight ensures its freshness and quality, making it an ideal choice to savor with a cup of Turkish coffee.


Ingredients of the Best Turkish Delight:


Key ingredients of Turkish Delight include:


- Sugar

- Cornstarch

- Water

- Acidity regulator (citric acid)

- Flavors (pomegranate, mint, orange)

- Colorings (paprika extract, curcumin, anthocyanins, copper chlorophyllin compound).


Approximate Weight: 250-300 grams of Turkish Delight with pistachios.


Storage Conditions:


To preserve the taste of Turkish Delight, follow these recommendations:


- Store in a cool, dry place.

- Keep away from direct sunlight.


Hafiz Mustafa's Sweet Prices:


The Hadeed app offers the most affordable prices for Hafiz Mustafa sweets, with the option of cash-on-delivery.


History of Hafiz Mustafa 1864:


* Hafiz Mustafa 1864's Logo:


The history of Hafiz Mustafa sweets dates back to 1864 during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz. Ismail Hakki Pasha, the father of Hafiz Mustafa, began making sweets in the cellar of the building where he lived in Eminonu Bahcekapi in Istanbul. He gained a good reputation due to people's admiration for the sweets he crafted.


With the global spread of Turkish sweets, the company expanded into producing coffee, tea, chocolate, Rahat Lokum (Turkish Delight), and other products, reaching various countries worldwide. Hafiz Mustafa received 11 medals in the field of pastry and confectionery in Europe between 1926 and 1938. His son, Cemil Pasha, continued the journey of success and expansion.


Today, Hafiz Mustafa is renowned as a top destination for tourists seeking to taste the original and delicious flavors of various Turkish sweets. The sweets are also exported to many countries worldwide.


To view Hafiz Mustafa's menu, click on HAFIZ MUSTAFA.


Shipping and Delivery:


Now you can order Turkish sweets by clicking on Shop from Turkey and have them delivered to your doorstep through our office in Istanbul, Turkey.


Fast delivery takes approximately 5-7 business days after order processing.


Your order is carefully packaged by the logistics team from Hadeed Company to ensure the product reaches your home in optimal condition.


Payment Methods:


Multiple secure and fast payment methods are available:


- Payment by credit card.

- Cash-on-delivery.


Explore more luxury Turkish sweets by clicking on Turkish Delight.


You can order the product through:


- Order from the Hadeed Turkey website or contact our customer service through 97466480363.


- Discover more types of sweets, such as Rahat Lokum with Barazek pistachios and Mulberry delight with walnuts, by clicking on Turkish Sweets.

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