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Details of the Saudi National Day gift

Write a new story for National Day gifts with "Green Gift Quran".


This wonderful gift comes with a luxurious box made of velvet in an attractive green color.


Which gives it a luxurious and distinctive look.


This special religious National Day gift comes with a set of components that combine spirituality and beauty.


Contents of the Saudi National Day gift

The 92nd National Day gift box contains 4 luxurious and distinctive pieces only from the Hodhod store for Turkish products:


1- Prayer rug:

Carefully designed to provide maximum comfort while praying.


The rug comes with an elegant design that brings a touch of luxury to religious moments.


It is easy to carry and use due to its thin and light weight construction


Weight: 350 grams


Size: 116 cm x 68 cm


Made of soft cotton chenille yarn.


What is chenille? It is a kind of upholstery fabric similar to velvet.


Chenille is a type of yarn with a velvety structure.


2- Green Rosary:

Made of carefully selected grains, which helps you in remembrance of God and enhance your concentration during worship.


The green rosary, consisting of 99 beads, is decorated with the letter “Waw”.


3- The Holy Qur’an:

The Holy Qur’an has been carefully designed to give you a clear and distinct reading experience.


The dimensions of the Holy Qur’an are 1 x 17 x 24 cm, wrapped in velvet. Arabic language


4- Velvet box with the Kingdom’s logo:

The velvet box features a protective mirrored plaque and is specially covered in luxurious velvet fabric.


There is a tin foil written on it, there is no god but God, with the logo of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia inside the cover.


Make Saudi National Day gifts a special gift for your loved ones


This gift is not just a gift, but rather an expression of feelings of care and appreciation in a distinctive and spiritual way.”


The dimensions of the velvet box are 28x28x8


The price of the Saudi National Day gift

You can get the price of the Saudi National Day gift exclusively from the Hodhod store for Turkish products at a competitive price and in your country’s currency.


With delivery service to your door from Türkiye


Shipping and delivery

Hudhud application provides fast shipping and delivery of gifts for the National Day from Türkiye to your door


  The Saudi National Day gifts shipping period is 5-7 working days after processing the order


payment methods

Safe and easy payment methods are available for gifts on the occasion of the National Day:


- Payment at the door


- Payment by credit card


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Image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's logo


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