About Us

Who we are:

We are the website www.arabesque-market.com.

An Arabic website that supplies products from Turkey to Arab countries, allowing sellers to display their products and catalogues.

We proudly serve hundreds of thousands of customers in the Arab world and all over the world.

Arabesque Website is an ideal platform for buyers and sellers in Turkey and abroad to seamlessly and effectively interact and run their businesses.




We aim to be Arabesque one of the best Arab websites in the Turkish market which works on exporting special Turkish products to the world and aims to achieve leadership at local, Arab and

international level, providing the highest quality in presenting services to visitors and fulfilling their goals, offering the best modern and appropriate technical solutions for their businesses, so adding

much more to their success.




To put Arabesque in a special status on the list of best website's integrated services companies.

To offer and present our services to all visitors in all countries of the world, whether they are Arab countries or international countries.

To meet all the needs of companies regarding marketing and sales services and to be their first choice.

To support the site and provide the best technical and software solutions to keep it at a high level among international sites.

Taking care of the complete privacy of companies and visitors at the same level of security.

Build a team of skilled and experienced technical support and marketers and constantly strengthen their skills to solve technical problems.



Official Information:

Arabesque website is fully owned by Arabesque E-Commerce Company, which is registered in the official offices of the Republic of Turkey.

Official Title: Arabesque Market Limited Company

Address: MAHMUTBEY District 2414 Street. Apt. 5 / 125 BAĞCILAR,  ISTANBUL, Turkey

Bureau and Tax Number: Güneşli 0710905438

Commercial Registry Number: 5/335676

Official Email: arabesque@hs01.kep.tr

Contact Email: info@arabesque-market.com

Contact Phone Number: +905359333666



Partners of Our Success:





















We always hope and aim to hire the most talented people and add them to our team in order to achieve the best results. If you have the desire and ambition to work with us, you can send your CV

to our e-mail below and the Human Resources Department will contact you.




Our Social Responsibility:

We expand our social responsibility to leave a mark in the communities in which we have activities, and aim to create social benefit and value through our cooperation and investments with public

and non-governmental organizations. We see our social responsibility projects, especially the support we provide through the "Arabesque Kindness" program, as part of our business conduct.

We combine our support for women, children, deprived individuals, animals, the environment, science, culture, education, sports and art with our collaborations with non-governmental organizations.

We enlarge our projects by including our customers and business partners in our ecosystem.