Hudhud - Tonic For Men And Women A Mixture Of Chinese Ginseng Extract + Honey + Pollen + Royal Jelly Mix 230 Grams
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Tonic For Men And Women A Mixture Of Chinese Ginseng Extract + Honey + Pollen + Royal Jelly Mix 230 Grams

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Chinese ginseng extract, honey, pollen and royal jelly mix 230 gr


* Allah has not sent down any disease that is excruciating and has made a cure for it.


Nature abounds with bounty of plants and herbs


Humans have used it for thousands of years to treat diseases they are exposed to.


Among these miraculous plants is ginseng, a herbal plant native to China, Korea, India and America.


It grows in cool, cool to temperate humid and semi-humid environments.

فوائد الجنسنج

The amazing benefits of ginseng for sex, hair and skin | the gate


product specification :


Net quantity: 230 grams


Form: paste


Origin: Turkey (The country of origin of the main ingredient of the food is different from the country of origin of the food.)


Business registration number: TR-34-K-096116


Shelf life: 3 years


Category: natural mixtures




pure honey (83%),


pollen (11%),


royal jelly (5%),


Ginseng Powder Extract (1%) (Panax Ginseng Extract)


Usage suggestion:


Mix before use.


Storage conditions:


Keep the lid closed in a cool dry place.


Keep away from sunlight.


Keep them in their own packaging.




It is not recommended for those who are allergic to bee products.


Children under one year of age should not be fed honey.

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