Hudhud - Turkish Toffee Halawa - Ulker Candies With Mastic Flavor 1 Kilo

Turkish Toffee Halawa - Ulker Candies With Mastic Flavor 1 Kilo

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Product details of Toffee Halawa with mastic flavor

- The delicious taste of mastic in the sweetness of toffee, the most famous for mastic lovers.


- In addition to its many benefits


Mastic is one of the most distinctive flavors in Türkiye


It is served with coffee and sweets on holidays and gatherings.


For those who haven't tried this dessert yet, what are you waiting for?


Ulker sweetness ingredients

Halawa Ulker Toffee contains:


- water


Moisturizer (Sulbitol)


Bovine gelatin


Glucose-fructose syrup


- Flavorings


- salt


- emulsifiers


- Mono- and diglycerin vegetable fatty acids


Sunflower lecithin


Antioxidant (alpha tocopherol)


- Gum extract


Small amounts of milk.


The weight of a box of toffee sweets with caramel flavor

1 kilo


Storage conditions:

Not exposed to direct light:

The sweetness of toffee may be affected by direct light, and therefore it is best to store it in a dark place.


cool dry place:

Store toffee sweetness in a cool dry place, away from moisture and direct heat. It can be placed in a dark cupboard or drawer in the kitchen.


Shipping and delivery:

- Hudhud application provides safe and fast shipping from 5-7 working days after preparing the product and packaging it in a way that suits shipping from Turkey to your home


payment methods

The Hudhud store also has safe payment methods, including:


1- Pay at the door


2- Pay by credit card


You can order hospitality products, chocolate and Turkish biscuits, from the Hudhud application, to have them delivered to your home

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