Voices of UMMI aka VOU” was founded in 2010. Initially, these talents were chosen for the purpose of recording their voices for the main characters in the new 3D Islamic children animated musical series entitled, “UMMI.. Ceritalah pada kami! ”.

These young talents also sings and performs at least 1 or 2 songs per episodes. The first 13 songs were specially selected to fit in VOU’s 1st album entitled “ERTI AL-FATIHAH”.

VOU’s album concept is simple and easy “sing a long” songs targeted for the whole family, though most of the songs attracts the pre-school and primary school children.

Its music is “contemporary pop”, yet with the right lyrics and music arrangement to suit the Islamic message of good moral and the faith in Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

After the success of 'Voices of UMMI' audio album titled, "Erti Al Fatihah", now JNSB launches "MARI MENYANYI BERSAMA UMMI", a video album produced in collaboration with HUD-HUD MEDIA (Animation production).

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